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We are a Milsim Airsoft team based in Southern California.
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PostSubject: Welcome Comrades   Welcome Comrades Icon_minitimeSun Jul 13, 2008 6:47 pm

Name: Eric
Age: 17
Years Airsofting: 3
Team: Russian Federation
Gear: VDV impression with Flora gear and standard starter load out with Woodland BDU's and OD chestrig
Gun(s): Only one for now a VFC AKS-74U. This summer plan on picking up a Kalash AK-74M and if they arrive in US the metal bodied JG AK Krinkov.

Hey everyone this is Eric aka Punk_newbie or now newbie by the lenix staff who are all to lazy to say it all. I'd rather it would be punk but what ever making up your own callsign is lame. I started out at ASP while it was still good for a short bit and went about 7 times. This sadly started by Airsoft Addiction or OAD. Found a great group of guys that were also into Russian gear and joined the Russian Federation who took me out to lenix for my first time. I've had a blast the first time and every time since then. 😉 Will be back to hang out with everyone at lenix soon for the Red Tide Rising mini-ops.

Pictorial Fun
First time out at lenix
Welcome Comrades Meedit
VDV impression
Welcome Comrades Sept15061
On top of a 20ft Boulder in Yellowstone
Welcome Comrades Copied8-11-07033

I will also be your all might admin Laughing Bow down to me Brick Smash

Welcome Comrades Akleaddawaydn8
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Welcome Comrades
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