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 What to Post here and Section Rules

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PostSubject: What to Post here and Section Rules   What to Post here and Section Rules Icon_minitimeSun Jul 13, 2008 6:50 pm

This is for all those noob questions everyone has. I will be deleting any flaming that results here since it is for people what have a question that really have no idea. That being said if the question is blatantly obvious such as "should I wear googles when I'm just shooting targets in the backyard?" the topic will be deleted. Also, If there is already topic on the subject you will be warned and the topic deleted.

For those looking to post here please before you do Search search search! Most questions can be answered by a simply search of a major airsoft website such as Socal, Arnie's or ASR. Search engines are also a great tool as they can lead you to people's personal blogs with treasure troves of info about topics.

What to Post here and Section Rules Akleaddawaydn8
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What to Post here and Section Rules
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