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 Airsoft Rules

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PostSubject: Airsoft Rules   Airsoft Rules Icon_minitimeSun Jul 13, 2008 6:20 pm

Specific rules related to games such as mag restrictions vary, but here are some general rules that should always be followed.
    General Airsofting Rules
  • Never ever take your airsoft gun out in public it can be mistaken for a real gun
  • Only play on private land that has been authorized to allow airsofting
  • Don't play in any area this is visible by the public who may mistaken your game for a paramilitary group training to take over their home
  • Don't shoot at animals you may end up angering them and they may attack you
  • Always wear proper eye protection. This means ANSI rated goggles/glasses or PB rated goggles/glasses. Most fields now require that you have full seal goggles and personally I believe this should be the standard
  • Do not point your Airsoft gun at anyone unless they know they have the potential to be shot and are ok with being shot.
  • If you plan to shot your gun in your backyard or set up a game on your private land make sure to inform your neighbors so they will not freak out at the sight of what looks to be a real gun
  • Do not shout at people to call their hits. Ammo is cheap so shot them again, starting a fight will just ruin the game for everyone
  • Use the parley and surrender rules as it will prevent un-needed pain from being lit up at close range
  • Always follow instructions given to you by game control staff

This is basically everything I'll edit this if there is anything else I need to add.

Airsoft Rules Akleaddawaydn8
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Airsoft Rules
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