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We are a Milsim Airsoft team based in Southern California.
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 Privyet eta Peter

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PostSubject: Privyet eta Peter   Privyet eta Peter Icon_minitimeMon Jul 14, 2008 7:43 pm

Name: Paul Smith (real) Peter Groznik (to everyone)
Call Sign: None in the airsoft community
Guns: Homemade Custom TM AKMS real AKM froegrips, full metal body, guarder pistol grip. Oldest Airsoft gun I own (2001), VFC AKs-74u, And soon to complete my GDB (Groznik Design Bureau) PKM, Maruzen MP5K, Western Arms Willison Combat, and enough spair AK parts to build 10 more AKs.
Team Affiliations: Eastern Bloc

A little about the man, mith, and legend. I have been actively airsofting since mid 2000s when I walked in Tactial Air in Escondido CA. My first gun was a cheap springer Spaz-12 which was miss advertised on Ebay as the TM model. Summer 2001 I bought my first AEG to this day I still own, my TM AK-47s. To give you an idea on how long I have been airsofting I, few months after I bought my AK the Beta Spetsnaz was relesed. I remember this because I was at tact air everyday waiting for it to come in. When it came in I bought it before Scott had time to take it out of the box. My second gun, I then took the metal receiver off my AKs and got one of those Side folding stocks from K-var that you install on the receiver for underfolding stocks. After a little working I finaly had the Worlds first AKs-74u (ish style) AEG. And this was also my first homemade custom gun. Since then I have owned the Guarder 2004 AK kit series, The AK-74, AKM, AKs-74u, RPK and the AK104. Then in summer 05 I moved to Utah and sold allmost all my airsoft to buy real steel. After I returned to California I found in my old 81mm ammo crate my disassembled AKs. Survived the Ebay sale only because after I broke her down for parts and left her in a crate. Since my custom made AKs-74u I have also built a Bizon, cut down the barrel of an AKs put the Beta frontsight and made a sheet metal foregrip and a Trappiers sidefolding stock, used a piece of pvc pipe as the mag with a copper tube bent and snaked into the tube with a spring holding 1000rds (sold on ebay for $600), An RPD made from an Ak with the old wood RPK kits from Airsoft club cut a hole in the side of the top cover to put a belt/bullets to the gun and fed from a trappiers RPD style drum mag. And numerous real steel parts onto TM AK (mostly wood grips).

Now I am trying to finish my PKM all is needed is my custom reamers to rebore the barrel and I'm done the mag and gearbox all works fine. I am also trying to start up my russian surplus gear business selling surplus gear, and weapon parts like stock/grip sets, sights and other none active parts of the gun (bolt, triggers, sears, recoil springs, ect). If my PKM succeeds then you can be sure I will be starting my real steel to airsoft electric SVD, my custom built VSS and VAL project and if I can get ahold of a CNC milling machine then I might in the future be bring GBB makarovs to the sport.

Current Weapon Projects:
Gas powered 81mm foam mortar.
40mm RPG-18 (deep fire style)
Inert casted copies of the RDG-5 and F-1 grenades
2/3 scale T54/55 or T-62/64 Tank

Current other Projects:
Starting my Ukrainian airsoft team, a detachment from the Lviv region combined forces command. (I & we will still be onloan to the russian fed if needed).
Building up my russian surplus business, allready got the suppliers just need the website and the customers.
Buying my BTR-60
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PostSubject: Re: Privyet eta Peter   Privyet eta Peter Icon_minitimeMon Jul 14, 2008 8:39 pm

Good to see you here peter. Hope to see you this Saturday nice and early.

Privyet eta Peter Akleaddawaydn8
Joseph Stalin wrote:
Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let people have guns .. why should we let them have ideas?
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Privyet eta Peter
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